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M indtonic Music represents artists from the southern Appalachian region of Western North Carolina and is primarily focused around the work of Jay Sanders, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer. Mindtonic Music is proud to represent a diverse lineup of musicians, groups, and styles.

For your consideration, Mindtonic Music presents the following artists, all of which are available for international bookings in 2021 and beyond.

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Acoustic Syndicate Logo

Acoustic Syndicate

H ailing from Cleveland County, North Carolina, the birthplace of Earl Scruggs, Acoustic Syndicate carries Earl’s boundary pushing legacy into the 21st century. Now in their 27th year, these genre bending pioneers have inspired an entire generation of musicians with their unique blend of bluegrass instruments, rock sensibilities, and conscious songwriting.

The band is centered around the McMurry family. Led by Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry on guitar, and joined by his cousins Bryon McMurry on Banjo and Fitz McMurry on drums, their signature three-part harmony blend in a way only blood and a lifetime of singing can create.

Snake Oil Medicine Show

Snake Oil Medicine Show

S nake Oil Medicine Show defies categorization. Music and Art United, under an increasingly widening umbrella; a vivid expression of love. The positive vibrations the band members share with their audiences communicate a sincere belief. Through unity, awareness, and spirituality, the world can change for the better. Mixing influences of old Appalachia, swing, new-grass, reggae and electronica, SOMS defies explanation... an adventure best experienced in person.

Jay Sanders' Sinfonietta

Jay Sanders' Sinfonietta

M ulti-instrumentalist Jay Sanders leads this organic improvisational group through all kinds of musical conversations. Lean in closely and you will hear a sonic spectrum that ranges from traditional song forms to experimental explorations; all tied together with a sensitivity that comes from a lifetime of listening.

The Sinfonietta hosts a bi-weekly residency at Little Jumbo in Asheville, NC. Check the events calendar on LJ's website for upcoming dates!

The E.Normus Trio

The E.Normus Trio

T he E.Normus Trio's original take on Avant-Garde Post Rock employs the unique instrumentation of N/S Stick, Alto Clarinet, and drums to create a huge sound. Built on a foundation created by the multi-modal Stick, Steve Alford's six octaves of sweeping clarinet range become a primal lead voice that seeks rational discourse in an increasingly isolated world.